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custom entry doors double with sidelites and transom fancy

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10,000 sq foot home, three stories,
technically this was a remodel of a 1,200 sq ft home.

round top transom double doors sidelites custom fancy
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There are more solid wood doors in this house then in a small track of homes.

sliding french doors with round top transom
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Just the moldings around the windows took days to install.
Then we started the crown mold, and not just on normal walls to ceilings
but intricate honey combs with layers of crown molding.

4 panel double front doors with transom
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A simple understated 10,000 square foot home.

conteporary_front_doors_b4contemporary front doors after click to scroll to next section
This retro style contemporary mid century look is not for the cookie cutters homes. This upscale home in Claremont has the right doors for the house. This custom door was designed by the customer with the technical help of our staff and built in our Cucamonga shop by Frank Pupo our head carpenter.  
double entry doors oak oval iwp Jeld-wen
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Being proud of your doors is not uncommon.
This Spangle wanted his picture with his doors.

big house in framing stage
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This is the beginning of something beautiful.

tudor house with wood windows oak oval front doors
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We installed 85 doors, 80 Windows and thousands of feet of moldings.
A lot of work but obviously well worth it.

interior french door 8' with sidelites between rooms
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Sometime you need a divider between rooms, French doors dress up the room and serve a purpose.

dp door company adopt a highway
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Nice window treatments for french doors.
our adopt a highway sign
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You may have seen our section that we help keep clean on the 210 fwy.

8' french door with sidelites to replace sliding patio door
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The opening sidelights (sidelites) are a covenant way to get ventilation.
This looks much better than a screen door.

10' french doors with marginal grid and beveled glass
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A 10 Foot old sliding door was replace with this elegant
French door with marginal-style grid pattern.

replacing a sliding glass door with french doors




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Before, an old aluminum sliding glass door.


12' fench doors to replace aluminum sliding glass patio door



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After. There is just no comparison,
these solid oak French doors are beautiful and the talk of the party.


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